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:: IUESA : The president of IUESA said ::
 | Post date: 2017/02/19 | 


“Intelligence” and “resilience”; two key components of cities of tomorrow

IUESA: Today, we are in evolution era, and the world is changing. Organizations should always be prepared for changes to manage these sudden changes. Any organization should respond to these changes and various demands of inside and surrounding environment since change process is different depending on its conditions, entity, leadership style, behaviors, values, and attitudes, Dr. Pourzarandi, the president of IUESA and advisor of CPI said his scientific lecture entitled “change leadership and redesigning processes in city management” in the first national conference on improvement in urban management systems holding today.

Noting that cities are one of the dynamic systems that changes constantly, he said passing from preindustrial to industrial and information city is one of the examples of changes in urban system. Various concepts of cities including sustainable, green, smart accountable, and open city indicates inherent dynamism of city.


Emphasizing that moving toward these types of cities is based on change, he further said a smart city tries to change itself, its elements, its management and citizens intellectually and functionally.

Highlighting the importance of change leadership in cities, he added cities are open and dynamic systems that their elements are changing continuously. The balance of city system is a task done by city managers through changing attitudes and policies.

Saying that change in cities should be based on future-oriented approach, he said tomorrows’ balanced cities are those that use resources and infrastructures optimally in order to meet citizens’ current and future needs efficiently.

Referring to the component of resistance against change in cities, Dr. Poorzarandi said since cities that different social, economic, and cultural groups with their various interests gather in it, they are resistant against changes.

Some city management systems are successful in this issue and they change it to an opportunity for creativity and innovation while others fail, he said.

Emphasizing on concepts such as city resilience tries to minimize disruption in social, economic, managerial, and institutional systems during change; he said the concept of “resilient cities” has been proposed in this regard and cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are the most resilient cities in the world.

City managers should try to make cities of tomorrow resilient as well as diverse, the advisor of the world CPI plan said.

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:: IUESA : The secretary of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association said ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/31 | 

Resistance economy can prepare the ground for urban sustainable development

IUESA: Resistance economy, as strategic plan, can prepare the ground for urban sustainable development, the secretary of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association said.


We are in urbanization century; urban population has reached to 3.9 billion people from 700 million people in 1950. According to the reports, urban population will reach to 6.3 billion people by 2050, he said.

Saying that our country has experienced uncontrolled and rapid urbanization like many developing countries, he further added currently, more than 73 percent of the world population lives in cities.

The evidences indicate that, based on the 1395 census that its preliminary results will be released in February; urbanization will be more than 75 in Iran, he further said.

Noting that despite all challenges, cities are economic engines in the world, he added in order to institutionalize resistance economy in cites and knowledge-based economy, scientific associations and research centers are of great importance with undeniable role.

Resistance economy can prepare the ground for urban sustainable development, he said.

All urban sustainable development goals and visions, including sustainable revenue, intra- and inter-generational justice, and emphasizing on knowledge-based economy are in line with resistance economy, Tabatabaei said.

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:: IUESA : The president of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA): ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/31 | 

Talent-based organizations earn 18 percent more than others

IUESA: Today, human, as human capital, is considered as a very valuable asset for organizations and its effective management is a key of success for each organization. Employees are introduced as the only sustainable competitive advantage, Dr. Hossein Mohammadpour Zarandi, the president of IUESA said.  


Noting that unfortunately talent management has not been taken seriously despite its importance, he added, according to the human capital report released by the World Economic Forum in 2013, Iran ranked 116 among 122 countries regarding the index of capacity to absorb talent and ranked 100 in the index of capacity to maintain talent.

He further said according to the Hackett Group Institute in 2014, talent-based organizations earn 18 percent more than others.

Emphasizing that by starting Shahr Psychology and Counseling Center, in the first step, it has been tried to research on attracting, retaining and developing human capital as a part of psychological studies, he said by taking advantage of experts and researchers, this center is able to define mechanism to improve talents in their jobs.

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:: IUESA : For the third consecutive year ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/24 | 

IUESA top association in humanities

IUESA: according to the commission of Iran’s scientific associations, IUESA ranked first as the best association for the third consecutive year in humanistic associations.


In last two years, IUESA could rank the best in humanities.

IUESA is chaired by Dr. Hossein Mohammadpour Zarandi in the field of urban economics and it has obtained some success in domestic and international arena.

Holding the first international conference focused on resistance economy, publishing more than 100 scientific research papers, several research plans, publishing books, presence in the media are some of these achievements.

The quarterly journal of Urban Economics and Management is indexed by Econlit associated with AEA, as well as ISC and Econbiz.

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:: IUESA : The 16th issue of the Quarterly Journal of ‘Urban Economics and Management” ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/8 | 

73 components to evaluate urban management

IUESA: The 16th issue of the Quarterly Journal of ‘Urban Economics and Management” was published including eight articles as follows:              


Increasing Citizens’ Satisfaction from Bank Shahr ATMs and Reducing Bank’s Economic Costs by Applying Simulation Model of Inventory Control

The impact of Service Sector on Forming Primate City Phenomenon in Khuzestan Province

The Impact of Rasht Eynak Lagoon on Housing Price of the Region by Using Hedonic Pricing Method

Explanation of the City Brand Equity Role on Specialists’ Immigration (Case of Study: Mashhad)

Formulating Managerial Strategies for Development of Green Buildings (Case Study: Tehran Municipality-district1)

The Relationship between Economic Globalization and Urban Diplomacy (Case Study: Tehran Metropolis)

Designing Measurement Indicators of Urban Management Performance (Integrated Approach of Good Governance and Balanced Evaluation)

The Role of the Mass Media in Urban Management (Case Study: 22-district of Tehran Municipality)

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