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:: Dr.Tabatabaei Mozdabadi ::

In The Name of God

The Curriculum Vitae

 Personal Information:


     First Name: Seyyed Mohsen           Last Name: Tabatabaei Mozdabadi

     Marital Status:  Married

Specialized Background:

1)  CEO Advisor of Bank Shahr in banking research affairs

2) General Director of the Urban Economics and Management Scientific Journal (ISC ،Google Scholar، CIVILICAEconlitEconbiz , RICEST and SID indexes)

3) Tehran Municipality’s urban economics and financial Deputy Advisor

4) Deputy of the General Director and Editor in Chief of the International Quarterly of Tehran Municipality Urban Economics

5) Tehran Municipality’s Administrative and Financial Deputy Advisor

6) Supreme Advisor of the Department of Welfare and Support of the Ministry of Interior

7) Head of Department of Urban Economics of Asian Mayor’s Forum

8) Representative of founding board of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association

9) Vice-chairman of the Board of the Directors and the Secretary of  Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association

10)  Advisor of  Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Credit Fund of authors, journalists and artists’ support (Art Fund) of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

11)The secratary of training and human resources development committee in Bank Shahr

12) Advisor of Competition National Center

13)  Advisor of the Chancellor of Economics University of the  Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology in leading affairs

14) Advisor of Ghazvin Mayor in strategic studies’ affairs and communication development

15) Advisor of Deputy of Management Development, resources and affairs of provinces of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Business in human capital development affairs

16) Conceller of the head of Islamic Knowledge and Economics Faculty of Imam Sadeq(peace be upon him) University

17) The secretary of the first international conference on urban economy with the approach of resistance economy; implementation and action )

18) The secretary of the Second  international conference on urban economy

Membership Background:

1. Member of B.D. of Petro Energy Group of Shahr Company

2. Member of Supreme Council of Bank Shahr Research

3. The member of enjoining good and forbidding wrong Council of Bank Shahr

4. Member of organization and training working group of Tehran Municipality

5. Member of Urban Economics working group of Ghazvin Municipality

6. Member of jury board in two national festivals of  efficiency and Scientific Committee of the 6thNational Festival and 2nd  top  research and innovation international Festival in urban management (Tehran World Award)

7. Member of research, training and planning working group of Industries and Occupations organizing Company of Tehran Municipality

8. Member of policy-making council in the 3rd assembly of State’s Scientific development and progress directed by the Minister of Sciences, Researches and Technology

9. Member of Instructors’ Board of Tehran Municipality

10. Member of training and human resources development committee of Bank Shahr

11. Member of the editorial board of the Urban Economics Quarterly

12. Member of founder’s board of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association

13. Member of commission working group of the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology Associations

14. Member of the research group of Council of Magistrates dealing with administrative violations of Tehran Municipality’s Employees

15. Member of human resources leading committee of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Business

16. Member of strategic policy-making council of training and human resources development

17. Deputy adviser of management development, resources and province affairs of the ministry  of industry mine and trade

18. Member of the executive committee of human resources development 

19. Member of Executive Committee of Health of human resources development in Bank Shahr

20. Member of Saraye Ahle Ghalam

21. Secratery of Scientific Committe the First International Conference on Urban Economy

22. Member of policy-making council of the first international conference on urban economy with the approach of resistance economy; implementation and action

23. Member of policy-making council of the Second international conference on urban economy

Teching Experiences:

- Lecturer of  Iran Banking Higher Education Institution (Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran)

- Lecturer of Economics University (for M.A students)

- Lecturer of Science and Industry University

- Lecturer of Allameh Tabatabaei University

- Lecturer of Soureh Non-profit Higher Education Institution

- Lecturer of Sadra Higher Education Institution

- Lecturer of Higher Education Institution of Building and Urban Development

- Lecturer of Tehran Payam Nour University

- Lecturer of theory courses of military coaching Course

- Lecturer of Allameh Ghotb Ravandi Higher Education Institution

- Lecturer of Tehran Nahavand Higher Education Institution

- Lecturer of Islamic Azad University Garmsar branch

- Lecturer of Tehran Institute of Applied Science Technology centers of Art and Culture 15,43 and 47 units

- Lecturer of Academic Center of Education and Research (Jahad Daneshgahi)

- Lecturer of Institute of Applied Science Technology tourism branch

- Lecturer of Institute of Applied Science Technology of Tehran Municipality’s Information Technology Organization Center

- Lecturer of Institute of Applied Science Technology of Iran Industry Training and Research Center

- Lecturer of the training courses for 22 districts of Tehran Municipalities

- Lecturer of University of Applied Science Technology central branch

- Lecturer of Islamic Azad University Electronic Branch (for M.A students)

- Lecturer of Kharazmi University (for M.Sc. students)

- Lecturer of Walfare Organization

Research activities, projects and papers:

Book Compilation Experience:

 1. Translation and compilation of Guide to Municipal Finance, Industrial Management Organization publication, 2 editions

v Top rank in the book sector in the 1st international festival of the best researches and innovation in urban management

v Appreciated book by the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Head of UN-HABITAT

 2. Compilation of Human Resources Management in Municipalities, Kouhsar Publication

v Top rank in the book sector in the 6th National Festival and the 2nd International Festival of the best research and innovation in urban management (Tehran World Award)

 3. Compilation of The Training of Customer Satisfaction Modeling using Kano Approach, Kouhsar Publication

v Selected book in the 3rd  scientific development and progress of state’s conference

 4. Compilation of Organizational Training Management (Emphasizing Urban Capital Development) Road, Housing and Urban Development Research center publication

 5. Glossoary of Urban Economics and Finance (Kouhsar pab.)

6. Social banking (a glance to urban economy and human resources training) (academic publications)  ( Confirmed by the head of monetary and banking research center of  CBI )

7. Encyclopedia of “Urban Economics and Finance”, Termeh Publications

Top Research Projects Experience:

 1. Research project of studying the role of solar energy to reduce energy consumption in training and residential buildings and offices in Tehran and  environmental pollutants(obtaining the best rate in the research project sector of the 5th national festival and the 1st international festival of the best research and innovation in urban management)

 2. Research project of the preliminary study of recycling oil filters of automobile (obtaining the best rate in the research project sector of the 6th international festival of the best researches and innovation in urban management, Tehran World Award.

Article Experience:

More than 34 articles

 Articles with ISI indexes (in English):

 1) Presentation of Optimal Model of Educational Evaluation in Tehran High Schools (ISI)

2) Evaluation of Customers’ Quality Needs by Means of a Composed Approach:  Kano’s   Refined Model and I-S Model's (ISI)

Articles with ISC indexes:

1) A Study on the Effect of Size and Ratio of Book Value to Market Value on Excessive Return (ISC)

2) Accrual-based Accounting System Cash-based Accounting: An Empirical Study in Municipality Organization (ISC)

3) - A Survey on Different Challenges Confronting Auditing System (ISC)

4) Presentation of Optimal Model of Educational Evaluation in Tehran High Schools ((JEMS)

5) A Strategic Review the Impact of Intellectual Capital Components on Organizational Performance in Sepah Bank Branches throughout Tehran Province (JEMS)

6) Review the Existing Lack of Requirement for Performance Auditing and its Impact on Improvement in Organizational Knowledge (JEMS)

Articles in Persian Language (with scientific-research license)

1) The study of the strategic effects of lack of liquidity risk variable, size and ratio of office value to market value on the stock return surplus in the Stock Exchange

2) Financial status analysis of a (governmental) medical sector for management decision; strategic in order to outsource to the private sector

3) Strategic green economy for sustainable development

4) Compilation of self-evaluation model to increase customer satisfaction

5) Optimal implementation of electronic training and its effect on the function of Tehran municipality managers

6) The effects of evaluation levels on the improvement of Tehran municipality training courses with economic function improvement approach

7) Possibility-measuring of implementation of training by cell phone in Tehran Municipality

8) The rate of utilizing the roles of Mintenzberg management theory among Bank Shahr managers with efficiency development approach

9)  Gap Analysis and need assessment of public and specialized skills of financial and urban economics experts of Tehran Municipality

10)  The position of training in urban sustainable development

11) A study of emotional and cultural intelligence in tendency to organizational change   

12) The Necessities of Qualitative Development of Training for Urban Economy and Financial Experts in Tehran Municipality

13) Assessing the Effectiveness of Specialized Courses for Financial and Urban Economic Experts of Tehran Municipality Based on Patrick Model

The titles of published articles in scientific extending, specialized publication:

1) The study of organizational balance model

2) The strategic role of urban trust culture in economic development of the city (case study: Tehran Municipality)

3) Evaluation of Financial performance in municipalities with codified indexes approach in Tehran Municipality

4) The role of commercial intelligence in financial management of municipalities

5) Compilation of comprehensive management strategies of urban resources parallel with economic and political epic

6) The effect of residuum management on municipalities funding, the effect of absorbing domestic and foreign investors and public participation on urban sustainable development

7)  The position of value added tax on financial affair of municipalities

8) Economic instrument in environment management and urban sustainable development

9) Strategic operational environmental taxes in providing financial resources of municipalities

10) Financial transparency system and its developments in financial management of Tehran Municipality

11) The role of financial resources management on metropolises’ entrepreneurship development

12) The manner of providing cost of attraction creation in cities to absorb tourists

13) The role of urban diplomacy on absorbing foreign investment

14) Tourism economy and urban sustainable development

15) The effect of ecotourism on the development of tourism economy in Tehran

16) Citizenship training, principles and strategies

17) Citizen and citizenship rights

18) Commitment to the principles of passive defense

Some titles of published notes in news agencies and press

  1. Citizenship evolution with citizenship training
  2. Citizenship, concepts and current challenges
  3. Favorite city, desirable citizen
  4. A necessity of improving the framework of behavioral sciences in the urban development
  5. A necessity of improving banking social trust
  6. Scientific associations; missing link with universities
  7. Talent development and maintenance in banking system
  8. Two sides of the coin on facing financial and credit institutions
  9. A necessity of utilizing Islamic-Iranian look in architecture
  10. The capacities of resistive economy models for urban sustainable development
  11. Greening of municipal financial instruments
  12. The role of resistive economy in urban development
  13. Housing; dilemma of recession or inflation
  14. Asian Mayors Forum; objectives and achievements
  15. Iran’s exit from tourism market margin
  16. City in the eyelet of economy
  17. Comprehensive training system in organizations; key to knowledge-based economy
  18. Green transport and urban sustainable development
  19. Urban homelessness; a challenge to the extent of the world
  20. Different process of urbanization in the developed and developing world
  21. Development of railway transport; a necessity for national sustainable development
  22. Real remedy for recession

  23. A triangle of pollution in urban transport

  24. “Knowledge City” and meeting the challenges of the modern city

  25. Under the skin of sidewalks’ geography

  26. Cities in the absence of smart climate policies

  27. World experience in building tomorrow cities
  28. Cities and threats against citizens
  29. Cities and Opportunities Pasatahrim
  30. Knowledge-Based Economy in the Second Half Outlook
  31. Achievement of knowledge-based economy with more consideration to informative infrastructures

  32. Smart management and new generations of urban buildings

  33. Post-sanctions; opportunities and threats of foreign banks

  34. Health and city management

  35. The relationship between “Resistance Economy” and urban sustainable development

  36. Smart cities; the world tomorrow cities

  37. Implementation and action in urban economy

  38. Resistance economy and economic risk

  39. Creativity pillar of economy of tomorrow’s cities

  40. One billion people under poverty line

  41. The first international colloquium on "Human Sciences: Necessity of Dialogue and Inter-Disciplinary Studies"

  42. Resistance Economy; the best strategy for Iran’s self-sufficiency 

  43. The value of half a billion of Vali Asr Avenue’s trees in the air purification of Capital 

Approved articles experience (presented in conferences, festivals and congresses):

Acceptance License of 19 articles selected in:

Brand festival in tourism

International festivals of the best research and innovation in urban management (Tehran World Award)

The 17th national conference of Iran environment experts and the 7th festival of green development

The 2nd international congress of Behavioral Sciences

41th summit of secretariat’s’ managers of administrative system

Financial Islamic Conference 

The second conference on smart city with the approach of economic development and infrastructures

The first international conference on urban economy with the approach of resistance economy; implementation and action

Press and Media records:

The release of dozens of publications in press, Hamshahri, Resalat, Donya - e - Eghtesad, Vatan-e- Emrooz, Kasbokar, Mardom Salari, Javan, Jam-e-Jam and etc.

Publishing more than hundreds news and notes in news agencies including Islamic Republic, Fars, ISNA, TASNIM, NASIM, Student, Mehr, ISCA news, Mashreq, Jahan News, Alef, Fararoo, Young club agency, Borna, Eco-news, Ariya, Banker, icana

Expert interviews with channel 1, 2, 5 and 6 of Iran and Quran, Iran, Javan, Goftogoo radios

Honors and Awards

Member of Tehran’s Basij

Member of Lecturers’ Basij of Economics University

Champion, coach and referee of Taekwondo, Martial and public sports Federations

Obtaining the 1st rank in research project and book sectors of the 1st international festival of the best research and innovation in urban management

Obtaining the 1st rank in research project, book and article sectors of the 6th national festival and the 2nd international festival of the best research and innovation in urban management (Tehran World Award)

Obtaining the operation rank at level A during two consecutive years of 2012 to 2017 in scientific associations commission of the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology

Presenting 11 formal administrative suggestions and accepted in Tehran Municipality

Supervisor in more than 51 research projects and university student seminar in management and planning fields

Tips, advice and development of tens of research works at university level

Certification of teaching at the University of Applied Science and Technology (Central Organization)

Certification of teaching at the Islamic Azad University units, Tehran branch

Member of Young Journalists Club of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Journalist certification of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

A member of the Support Trust Fund of authors, journalists and artists

Obtaining the title of the best researcher in the 3rd conference of development and progress of the country directed by the Minister of Sciences, Research and Technology

Obtaining award of the best scientific association from the President of Iran in the 15th glorification festival of the best researchers and technologists of the country

Obtaining level A performance rate of the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Urban Management in 2014 from the country’s Scientific Publication Commission of the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology

Main Lecturer in the 2nd international congress of behavioral sciences

Special lecturer in the 1st international conference of modern findings in civil engineering, agriculture, environment and urban management

Main lecturer at 41th summit of secretariat’s’ managers of administrative system

Obtaining top score of scientific association in Iran in 2014 to 2017  from Ministry if science research and technology 

Keynote speaker in the second conference on smart city

Keynote speaker at the first international conference on urban economy with the approach of resistance economy; implementation and action

Pre-sermon speaker of Tehran’s Friday prayers

Speaking at the national conference on modern methods of obtaining municipal sustainable revenues with an approach to resistance economy

  E-Mail: Sm.tabatabaei@atu.ac.ir



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