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International Competition

Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA) plans to hold a competition at the international level. Hereby, all enthusiasts are invited to participate at this event. It will be held from 25, May, 2016 to 15, June, 2016. Please send us answer sheets to IUESA email address.   



  1. Which alternative includes an appropriate definition of urban gray area in the world metropolises?

         a. A space in which buildings and urban facilities have been constructed aiming to trade, industry, or administrative affairs
         b. Urban neighborhoods supposed to be destroyed because of conscious and unconscious socio-economic factors 
         c. As job variety increase among citizens and economic firms, dependency of internal areas of cities and surroundings on metropolises will be increased
         d. None of the above

    2. A Dutch auction is a type of auction in which……….
         a. Bidders are required to purchase the goods when his bid is significantly different with the second one (more than 10 percent)
         b. All bids have been suggested in a moment
         c. b & c
         d. the auctioneer begins with a high asking price which is lowered until some participant is willing to accept the auctioneer's price, or a predetermined reserve price (the seller's minimum acceptable price) is reached

    3. Pigovian tax is……….
         a. is a strategic effluent fee assessed against private individuals or businesses for engaging in a specific activity
         b. The tax burden on an industry or group of industries and occupations imposed jobs to others
         c. a & b
         d. none of the above

    4. Urban rent ……
         a. is a tenant’s regular payment to a landlord for the use of property or land
         b. refers to the occupation of urban areas by foreign immigrants
         c. it is said to be when rents burdens on the economy of a city and reproduced in urban economy constantly
         d. none of the above

    5. In dependency matrix of urban areas, …………. is investigated.
         a. this matrix is used to determine the compatibility or incompatibility between urban land uses
         b. this matrix is used to evaluate the compatibility between the urban land and its location
         c. b & c
         d. this matrix is used to investigate dependency to each other and the necessity of their adjacency

    6. Rent is a type of interest that ……..
         a. An amount of money that is paid for the operation of urban land-use residential and commercial
         b. the maximum profit from labor and manpower skills
         c. the efficiency of assets and how to use fixed capital in urban areas
         d. none of the above

    7. What is production function?
         a. Production function relates physical output of a production process to physical inputs or factors of production
         b. Subordinate relationship between income levels and their determinants
         c. To the extent that an enterprise can obtain maximum benefit
         d. None of the above

    8. What is wage push inflation?
         a. Inflation, in which investors attempt to seize a large share of national income that will be the source of inflation
         b. is a general increase in the cost of goods that is preceded by and results from an increase in wages
         c. Inflation caused by excess aggregate demand relative to the total flow of goods and presented services in economics that all production factors are used with full capacity
         d. a & c

    9. What is stifling economic growth?
         a. An economy in which there is no growth
         b. Economy develops, but people’s access to power fails
         c. A type of economic growth resulted from variety of services and products
         d. None of the above

    10. Keynesian unemployment refers to ……….

         a. It is created because of qualitative situation of market and wages are more than market rate

         b. Unemployment due to lack of investment

         c. Unemployment due to new technology that replaces capital instead of labor force

         d. Unemployment as a result of lack of effective demand for goods

















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