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In The Name of God

The Curriculum Vitae



Personal Information:   

First Name: Jafar                                   Sur Name: Qaderi

Year of Birth: 1343                                Marital status: married

Faculty member of Shiraz University

Member of Parliament, Representative of Shiraz

Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Economics

Year of employment: 1994

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences

Email: jghaderi@rose.shirazu.ac.ir

Scientific Background:

B.A. in Theoretical Economics, Shiraz, Iran

M.Sc. in Planning Economic Systems, Shiraz, Iran

Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Economics, Tarbiyat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran


Executive and Training Experiences:

Representative of Shiraz in the 8th and 9th Islamic Consultative Parliamentary

Member of the Board of Directors of Iran Urban Economic Scientific Association

Member of Supreme Council of monitoring the policies of Article 44 of the constitution

Member of the board of trustees of National Development Fund

Member and vice president of Plan, Budget and calculations Commission and computing and Ninth Parliament

Spokesman of Economic Jihad Commission in the 8th Parliament

Member and vice president of Special Commission of monitoring Article 44 of the constitution in the 8th Parliament

Member and spokesman of special Commission of monitoring Article 44 and supporting national production in the 9th Parliament

Secretary and Vice President of budget Consolidated Commission in the 8th Parliament

Member and spokesman of special Commission of Economic Jihad in the 8th Parliament

Spokesman of Joint Commission in the 9th Parliament

Board member of faction of urban and rural management, councils and official in charge of committee of bills of this faction in the 8th and 9th Parliament

Member of Research Council of Research Center of the 8th Parliament

Membership of the Joint Commission on the Fifth Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Membership in academic, teachers, investment, cooperation and development of exporting of Islamic Republic of Iran and Fundamentalists fractions and some other parliamentary fractions

Member of the Council of Development and Planning of Fars Province in the 9th Parliament

The mayor of Shiraz from December, 2005 to May, 2007

Member and vice president of City Council of Shiraz for 2 years and 6 months

Faculty member of Shiraz University since 1994

Administrative and Financial Assistant, Faculty of Literature, Human Sciences, Shiraz University

Head of department (Group) of Economics at the University of Shiraz

President of the Economic Research Center, Shiraz University

President Payame Noor University of Lamerd- national top president of University of Payame Noor

Deputy Governor of Lamerd

Member of the Council of Entrepreneurship Center of Shiraz University

Member of Research Council of General Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Fars Province

Member of the Committee of Economic Studies of Broadcasting of Fars Province

Official in charge of establishing Islamic Azad University in Lamerd

Official in charge of cultural unit in Martyr Foundation of Lamerd

Official in charge of industries committee in Jihad of Lamerd

Member of think tank of broadcasting of Fars Province  

Official in charge of establishing academic special zone of Shiraz

Member of Board of Founders of Tabnak Non-profit University

 Member of Research Council of Civil Deputy Governor of Fars Province

Member of Research Council of General Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs of Fars Province

Member of the editorial board of specialized scientific promotional Journal of Housing Economics, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Member of the editorial board of scientific-research Journal of Economics and Urban Management

Member of the think tank of municipalities and Dehyaries (village-helpers) of the country

Member of Iranian Economists Association

Member of Islamic Economics Scientific Association of Iran

Member of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association

Head of Department of defense and security considerations of SARZAMIN spatial planning project of Fars Province


Social Background:

Presence at the imposed war in the West and the South

Managing Director of Rasoul Azam Charity for 10 years

Activist at Islamic Association during studying at high school

Member of Basij of Academic Professors, Fars province


Published Articles in Scientific Journals:

1. Measurement of environmental values  estimating willingness to receive loan in order to retrofit rural houses against earthquake using experimental selection, case study: Abadeh Tashk County located in Neyriz city, Geography and urban- regional training ( Qaderi et.al. 2014)

2. Tax revenues and government expenditures in Iran (1976-2012) Journal of Economic Development Researches (Qaderi et. al. 2014)

3. Evaluation of organizational sublimation of Tehran Municipality based on EFQM Model, Journal of Economics and Urban Management (Mohammadpour Zarandi & Qaderi 2014)

4. Study of the seasonal effects of tourism activities on job security of practitioners of tourism sector (case of study: Sare’eyn City), Journal of Regional Planning (Qaderi et. al. 2014)

5. Study of situation, identification of relative advantage and compilation of strategic program of occupation development using models of share determination, place and SWOT coefficient, case of study: Birjand City, Parliament and Strategy (Qaderi et. al. 2014)

6. Compilation of self-evaluation model in order to increase customer’s satisfaction (case of study: organizations of urban services) Journal of Economics and Urban Management (Qaderi et. al. 2012)

7.  Study of effective factors on housing investment in Iran, Quarterly Journal of Economic Researches (Qaderi et. al. 2012)

8. Study of the effects of increasing the price of electricity on the pure welfare of different groups of revenues in Iran, Researches of sustainable growth and development, former Economic Researches (Qaderi & Estedlal 2009)

9. Study of the effects of increasing the price of electricity on the pure welfare of different groups of revenues in Iran, Economic Researches of Tarbiyat Modarres University  (Qaderi & Estedlal 2009)

10. Evaluation of financial and revenue system of municipalities in Iran, Journal of Economic Researches of Ahwaz University (Qaderi,2007)

11. Estimation of demand for types of housing possession according to the selection the type of possession  in urban districts of Iran (International Economics)Research Journal of humanities of Isfahan University (Qaderi, 206)

12. Evaluation of financial and revenue system of municipalities in Iran, (Quantitative Economics), economic researches (Qaderi, 2006)

13. Determination of effective factors on housing possession in urban districts of Iran, Geography and environmental planning, Research Journal of Isfahan University) (Qaderi, 2003)

14. Estimation of housing demand in urban districts of Iran, sustainable development and growth researches, former economic researches (Qaderi, 2003)

15. Hedonic Model of determining housing prices in urban districts of Iran, sustainable growth and development researches, former economic research (Qaderi, 2002)

16. The Role of Sanction on Effectiveness of Total Tax on Foreign Savings in Iran Resistive Economy 5:1-12 (Qaderi & Izadi 2014)


Articles and abstracts presented in conferences:

1. Financial development and economic growth in Iran, business development and sublimity (Qaderi & Izadi, 2014)

2. Urban planning and resistive economy, (consultation of municipalities and resistive economy) (Qaderi & Haji, 2014)

3. Lecture entitled cost management in municipalities, national conference on cost management (Qaderi, 2014)

4. Determination of non-linear causality between land transport and economic growth in Iran, the 1st conference on transport and traffic (Qaderi et. al. 2014)

5. Study the role of international sanctions on the total tax link-foreign saving, case of study: Iran, the 1st national conference on economy, management and Iranian-Islamic culture (Qaderi et. al. 2014)

6. The role of sanctions on the efficiency of total tax on foreign saving; case study of Iran, the 2nd international conference on economy in the condition of sanctions (Qaderi, Izadi, 2014)

7. The role of municipalities in the achievement of economic Jihad, national conference on identification and specification of strategies of achievement of economic jihad in municipalities (Qaderi, 2011)

8. The methods of providing sustainable revenue sources of municipalities, the 1st conference on urban economy in Mashhad, (Qaderi, 2011)

9. The role of information technology in economic development of Iran, conference on rural ICT (Dehqan, Qaderi, 2010)

10. Required notes for designing suitable models for rehabilitation of distressed contexts, the 2nd national congress on renovation and recreation of urban historical distressed contexts and informal settlements (Qaderi, 2010)

11. The role of IMB websites in order to create electronic societies on villages, the 2nd international conference on electronic city, (Dehqan & Qaderi, 2009)

12. Designing measurement model of effectiveness of Islamic economy training courses (Qaderi & Mousavi 2009)

13. Shortcomings and errors imposed on traditional models of rehabilitation of urban distressed contexts, the 1st conference on renovation and rehabilitation of urban distressed contexts, (Qaderi, 2008)

14. A model for communicating technology and society in order to expand ICT in non-urban societies of developing countries (case of study: Fars Province), the 3rd international conference on electronic business using developing countries approach, (Qaderi et. al. 2008)

15. A study of relationship between risk and efficiency in tourism industry, case of study: Abadgaran Tourist & Welfare Company, investment in tourism, (Aminifard, Qaderi, 2008)

16. The role of RFID technology in the transition from traditional banking toward electronic banking, the 2nd international conference on electronic banking, (Dehqan, Qaderi, 2008)

17. The role of Info-mobilization on the ICT use expansion, (Qaderi et. al. 2008)

18. The liberalization of financial markets in Iran parallel with Article 44 of the constitution, development non-oil exports, (Qaderi et. al. 2008)

19. The methods of localization of e-commerce in Iran, the 4th conference on E-commerce, (Qaderi & Jamshidi, 2007)

20. The role of president on selection and promotion of knowledge-based model, economy and election, (Qaderi & Zare, 2005)

21. The effects of taxation on urban isolated lands, the 1st conference on municipalities and urban economics, (Qaderi, 2004)

22. Implementation necessity of economic reforms in housing sector of Iran, biennial of Iran economy, (Qaderi, 2002)

23. Evaluation of efficiency of Shiraz University, the 2nd training conference, Shiraz University, (Qaderi, 2001)

24. Ways of providing low-income housing, Province conference on housing, employment and sustainable development, (Qaderi, 2001)

25. The role of Payame Noor University on  helping to insufficiency of higher education in Iran, Open and Distance Learning Conference, (Qaderi, 2001)

26. Islamic banking, capabilities and challenges, biennial of Islamic economy, (Qaderi, 2001)

27. Measurement and analysis of effective factors on the efficiency of Iran industries, the 2nd national efficiency congress, (Qaderi, 1996)


Printed books:

1. A study of demand for types of housing tenure and its determining factors in urban districts of Fars Province, First Edition 2006, Management and Planning Organization of Fars Province, Shiraz

2. Topics in urban economics, Volume I, Sixth Edition, 2007, Noore-Elme Hamedan Publication

3. Topics in urban economics, Volume II, Sixth Edition, 2007, Noore-Elme Hamedan Publication

4. Dictionary of Urban and Regional Studies, first edition, 2009, Noore-Elme Hamedan Publication

5. Access advantages of Fars province to Persian gulf, 1992, Imam Khomeini Printing office


Undergraduate taught lessons:

Principles of Economics 1

Principles of Economics 2

Public Finance

Urban Economics

Microeconomics 1

Microeconomics 2

Macroeconomics 1

Macroeconomics 2

Public sector economics 1

Economics of development

Iran economy

Regional economics

Transport economics

Principles of insurance

Economic Development

Public finance policies of governments

International Business

Economic development and program of selected issues in the economy


Discontinuous Master taught lessons:

Middle Microeconomics 1&2

Selected issues in the economy of Islam

Selected issues in the economy


Guide to Graduate Thesis:

Guidance of MS students’ thesis, 6 cases

MS thesis advisor, more than 15 cases

Hundreds of published articles in newspapers and, province and national magazines


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