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The future of the housing market depends on supporting production units

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The future of the housing market depends on supporting production units / preventing re-inflation in the housing sector with the prosperity of home businesses Regarding the future of the housing market in the country, the representative of the 11th parliament said: "If production units are not supported, they can increase the prices of production institutions and increase the cost of housing."
Dr. Ghaderi is a member of the Scientific Association of Urban Economics of Iran and a representative of the people of Shiraz In the 11th Islamic Consultative Assembly About the future of the housing market and the plan to build one million homes a year Proposed by the President, said: In fact, this plan is a plan by The Islamic Consultative Assembly has approved a draft law on the leap in housing productionIt is true that it was also part of the president's plan But the legal basis of this plan is in the Islamic Consultative Assembly Which has recently been approved by the Guardian Council and notified to the government.
He added: "Naturally, the premise of the implementation of this plan is that the government provides the necessary fields for this amount of housing from the fields of national resources, fields related to government agencies, fields related to individuals, worn-out structures and any other possibility that There, supply.
Representative of the 11th term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and member of the Scientific Association of Urban Economics of Iran He further clarified: the necessary coordination should be done with agencies such as municipalities in order to issue the necessary licenses in a timely manner And third, service providers such as the Ministry of Energy to supply water and electricity and the Ministry of Oil to supply gas and the Ministry of Roads And urban development to provide infrastructure and infrastructure to be fully available.
He stressed: The fourth item, which is much more important than the previous ones, is the coordination with the banking system system to provide facilities and financial resources, which should be provided to the manufacturers. 

As well as companies that work for such great works, It is necessary to create existing structures and employ companies that have the necessary qualifications to implement large and mass housing projects, and also the government should help to activate the production units supplying materials in the country and supply the required materials and the appropriate structure in the country. To take.
The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly pointed out that the councils and organizations mentioned in the parliament should be set up and activated quickly, and specified: national and provincial coordination should be done in the country and also the required manpower should be trained if necessary. And if we have the required manpower in the country, they should be organized and equipped, and in the same way, administrative coordination and some legal gaps that may occur in the implementation should be filled, along with the preparations that this housing should not become a capital good. And do not cause housing hoarding and try to collect taxes and duties from empty houses and unused houses so that all houses can be used. And the required regulations, instructions and frameworks regarding saving water, electricity, gas, etc. should be provided.
Ghaderi, in response to the question that the country is currently under global sanctions and some infrastructures such as the supply of materials are in short supply, is it possible to build one million houses a year or not and what is the plan of the parliament and the government to implement this plan? "As mentioned in the previous section, mass-produced production units should address the issues and issues that prevent the rapid implementation of this project as soon as possible and help them to be able to supply the required materials when demand increases," they said. If this happens, it will be a reason for the scarcity or increase in the price of consumer goods. Due to the supply constraints that exist, if the production units are not supported, it can increase the price of production institutions and increase the cost of housing He added: "The government should help to use the bank resources, the National Development Fund, as well as the capacity of various agencies, and until the problems and difficulties are not resolved, it is natural that it can affect the cost of housing and cause problems." Create.
Dr. Ghaderi, in response to how many jobs will be created in the process of building one million houses, emphasized: The housing sector is one of the sectors that has a lot of connections and background, and the activation of the housing sector can make good changes in the economy. Provide construction materials as well as labor sectors, construction sectors and technical sectors, etc. are activated
Also, the labor sections, construction sections, technical sections, etc. are activated, and after these units are activated, naturally, other jobs are also activated with the activities of these collections. It seems that in addition to the activation of the housing sector, other sectors should also be activated.
He went on to point out that the non-timely payment of installments of houses owned by their owners is a problem that can cause inflation. Come back and let these businesses prosper, just as creating home-based businesses in the same homes that belong to the owners can help pay the installments of the acquired houses on time so as not to exacerbate inflation in the country and resources can be provided in a timely manner. Return to the country's banking system.
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