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The president of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA):

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Talent-based organizations earn 18 percent more than others

IUESA: Today, human, as human capital, is considered as a very valuable asset for organizations and its effective management is a key of success for each organization. Employees are introduced as the only sustainable competitive advantage, Dr. Hossein Mohammadpour Zarandi, the president of IUESA said.  


Noting that unfortunately talent management has not been taken seriously despite its importance, he added, according to the human capital report released by the World Economic Forum in 2013, Iran ranked 116 among 122 countries regarding the index of capacity to absorb talent and ranked 100 in the index of capacity to maintain talent.

He further said according to the Hackett Group Institute in 2014, talent-based organizations earn 18 percent more than others.

Emphasizing that by starting Shahr Psychology and Counseling Center, in the first step, it has been tried to research on attracting, retaining and developing human capital as a part of psychological studies, he said by taking advantage of experts and researchers, this center is able to define mechanism to improve talents in their jobs.

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