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:: IUESA : For the third consecutive year ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/24 | 

IUESA top association in humanities

IUESA: according to the commission of Iran’s scientific associations, IUESA ranked first as the best association for the third consecutive year in humanistic associations.


In last two years, IUESA could rank the best in humanities.

IUESA is chaired by Dr. Hossein Mohammadpour Zarandi in the field of urban economics and it has obtained some success in domestic and international arena.

Holding the first international conference focused on resistance economy, publishing more than 100 scientific research papers, several research plans, publishing books, presence in the media are some of these achievements.

The quarterly journal of Urban Economics and Management is indexed by Econlit associated with AEA, as well as ISC and Econbiz.

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:: IUESA : The 16th issue of the Quarterly Journal of ‘Urban Economics and Management” ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/8 | 

73 components to evaluate urban management

IUESA: The 16th issue of the Quarterly Journal of ‘Urban Economics and Management” was published including eight articles as follows:              


Increasing Citizens’ Satisfaction from Bank Shahr ATMs and Reducing Bank’s Economic Costs by Applying Simulation Model of Inventory Control

The impact of Service Sector on Forming Primate City Phenomenon in Khuzestan Province

The Impact of Rasht Eynak Lagoon on Housing Price of the Region by Using Hedonic Pricing Method

Explanation of the City Brand Equity Role on Specialists’ Immigration (Case of Study: Mashhad)

Formulating Managerial Strategies for Development of Green Buildings (Case Study: Tehran Municipality-district1)

The Relationship between Economic Globalization and Urban Diplomacy (Case Study: Tehran Metropolis)

Designing Measurement Indicators of Urban Management Performance (Integrated Approach of Good Governance and Balanced Evaluation)

The Role of the Mass Media in Urban Management (Case Study: 22-district of Tehran Municipality)

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:: IUESA : The 10th meeting of B.D. of IUESA was held ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/8 | 

The 10th meeting of B.D. of IUESA

IUESA: The 10th meeting of B.D. of IUESA in 2017.

At this meeting, the latest news about holding the second international conference on urban economy was discussed.


Signing MoU with international organizations to transfer developed countries’ experiences, improving information programs, and expanding IUESA educational measures were discussed issues at this meeting.

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:: IUESA : The results of new study ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/2 | 

60 percent of the world agricultural lands in the margin of cities

IUESA: It has been estimated that urban areas will be tripled regarding their area by 2030 expanding toward agricultural lands resulting in reduction of agricultural outcomes.


Nearly 60 percent of the world agricultural lands are in the margin of cities. This is a concerning situation since marginal settlements are more fertile and productive. The process of agricultural production will confront a serious threat in future not because of climate changes but because of cities’ expansion.

German researchers stated that they expect the outcome of semi-urban lands is more than average.  We neglect the impact of cities’ expansion to agricultural lands.

According to the Guardian, although this figure is not impressive at first glance, the situation changes regionally.  It is different in each country and product. For example, it will be reduced by 80 percent in Asia and Africa together because of urbanization growth.

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:: IUESA : Dean of the faculty of Economics and Islamic Studies of Imam Sadiq University announced ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/2 | 

Holding the second international conference on urban economy in July, 2017

IUESA: The second international conference on urban economy will be held in Tehran in 12, July 2017, Dr. Mahdi Sadeghi Shahdani, Dean of the faculty of Economics and Islamic Studies of Imam Sadiq University announced.


In this world, improvement of human beings’ quality of life and even development of human civilization depend on urban development. More than half of the world populations live in cities and it will be reached by two-third. However, it should be considered that the growing trend of urbanization has created particular opportunities and threats for development process of societies. If these opportunities are not used and appropriate responses are not presented for threats, development of urbanization can have serious challenges and it will have economic, social, and cultural damages as well.

However, urban economics, emphasizing on sustainable development paradigm, claims that can build a desirable city. This science has been considered increasingly in the scientific and administrative centers because of increase in the shares and responsibilities of local governments in societies.

Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association, as the top association in humanities in Iran, and Bank Shahr, as the only technical one in the domain of urban economy, try to draw a clear path ahead of tomorrow cities of Islamic Republic of Iran by holding international conference on urban economy and taking advantage of experts and administrative managers’ science and opinion both locally and internationally because of the importance of the issue and the Supreme Leader’s guidelines based on implementing the model of resistance economy in economic sub-sectors.

It is hoped that this conference and IUESA attempt will be an arena for pathology and explanation of economic issues of Iran’s cities, taking advantage of globally successful experiences in the field of urban development and localizing them in order to apply general policies of Resistance Economic in urban areas.

Those interested can visit www.conference.iuea.ir for more information to attend the second international conference on urban economy. Deadline for article submission is Sunday, March 12, 2017, he further said.

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